Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37


This is what little bits hair looks like every morning!  It is awful to comb out and she usually ends up in tears.  I lather on the conditioner when I wash her hair and use spray in conditioner every morning, but nothing really seems to help.  If anyone out there knows the secret to curly hair not getting tangled while sleeping, please let me know!!  Lakelyn and I will both thank you!!


  1. Oh, poor sweet girl! I had the same problem when I was little. Here are my "rules":
    1) Brush for dry hair, comb for wet hair. Never, never comb dry hair—it hurts! And using a bristle brush on wet hair can break the hair.
    2) Gather hair into your hand as if putting into a ponytail, but just hold it. Brush the "ponytail" in short strokes, starting at the ends and working up only when the hair you're brushing is tangle-free. Once you've detangled the ponytail section, let go of the hair and brush the rest, gently working your way (still brushing with short strokes) toward the scalp.
    3) If you don't mind the crimping, braids are a great way to keep hair from tangling during sleep. If her hair isn't long enough for a basic braid, I'd suggest parting it in the middle and doing two French braids, one on each side. That's what I do for my daughter and even my own hair in the summer when I want to keep cool.

    I hope that helps!

  2. Oh My! She's so stinkin' cute! Jovie's hair is starting to tangle in the mornings too, so when you figure it, let me know, haha. Right now, the anti-tangle spray is working for her though.

  3. Aww poor thing. Shes beautiful and so is her hair. :)